Welcome to the Ukiah Unified School District Science & Engineering Fair

Important Dates & Times

Wednesday March 03, 2021 at 5:30 PM

 Ukiah Unified School District Science & Engineering Fair


Watch our virtual Science & Engineering Fair awards ceremony


Welcome to our UUSD Virtual Science & Engineering Fair Showcase! Click on the link below, to see remarkable young scientists and their projects:


Important dates:

Monday and Tuesday, March 1st and 2nd, Judging of projects.

Wednesday, March 3rd, Virtual Awards Ceremony 

Wednesday, March 3rd- End of March THIS SITE is open and available for viewing all science fair projects.

Saturday, March 20th, MCOE County Science & Engineering Fair.

Monday & Tuesday, April 12th and 13th, California State Science & Engineering Fair.


QUESTIONS? Contact UUSD Science Fair Coordinator, Terry d'Selkie at tdselkie@uusd.net 








Welcome to the 2021 Ukiah Unified School District Virtual Science & Engineering Fair!

Please consult the 2021 UUSD or MCOE Handbook for more information about the scientific and engineering process that is outlined in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). A science or engineering project can be a fun way to explore a subject that interests you.  Science requires research, study, and is a logical sequence of investigative events that can be as creative as the  investigator’s mind.

Science and engineering projects have changed lives and inspired future careers careers for many young people.  This year, we are also wlecoming young inventors to showcase their ideas at our science and engineering fair.  Do you have a new idea for an existing product or an invention that may solve a problem you are curious about? design and build a prototype and share it by entering our Inventor's Showcase.  

In all categories, students can submit individual or group projects.  Student teams should not exceed five (5) individuals. 

To register for the UUSD Science and Engineering Fair, create a profile, choose your category and upload your documents.  If you need help, contact Terry d'Selkie, the District Fair Coordinator or use the "contact us" feature on this site.

Use the following links for more information, judging criteria, or help registering.

Resources linked below are in view only format.  To download for use please make a copy (file >make a copy) or download in the format of your choice (file > download).


Student Log Book Template      Virtual Poster Template #1       Virtual Poster Template #2

ISEF judging criteria        Mendocino County Science Fair Student Handbook 2021





Welcome Teachers! 



Thank you for supporting your student scientists to participate in the 2021 Virtual Science Fair!  While general methods and procedures may be addressed in your classrooms, most of the work for individual projects will be done at home.  Your suggestions and encouragement will be of great value.  Please review the handbook with your students, it can help them find out more about how to do projects that require hands-on experimentation  and use of the scientific method or engineering process rather than descriptive projects, models, or collections. Students may also need assistance uploading images or forms to the Z-fairs site. For additional support, please reach out to your district science fair coordinator, Terry d'Selkie. tdselkie@uusd.net 



Thank you for supporting science in our community.  Fulfilling your role as a volunteer judge is what makes it possible for UUSD to provide this opportunity for students each year.

Virtual Judging may look and feel different than  it has in prior years, but we hope it is just as fulfilling!



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